This is the second episode of Season 3 and the seventeenth of the series. Bviomario and Cursor meet Masterslam132, BioVSMario and Landongames, who are Bviomario's friends. They noticed the glitches and heard Bviomario on the beach! (They were enjoying old times close to the beach.) They want to help Bviomario and they start planning! They then set off to Shadow Kingdom, which is Mushroom Kingdom's new name! Bviomario goes in the castle, while Masterslam132, Landongames and BioVSMario are holding off ShadowMario's army of Pikachu's and Donkey Kong! Bviomario and Cursor set off to Jolly Roger Bay, believing it could be ShadowMario's hideout. They find ShadowMario, who sends Luigi to defeat Bviomario. Bviomario has no choise and starts the fight! The episode ends...

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